I have appeared in the following (not an inclusive list)


Harrow Observer Paper & Magazine- Q & A on Alternative Health, 2000

LBC RADIO (appearance as the show's resident Counsellor)

May 2000 - Rage

March - Obsessions with the body

March - Stress

December 2000 - The stress of commuting

February - Pregnancy and Age

December - Body Language

November - The Celebrity Mentality

November 2000 - Men’s Roles vs. Women’s Roles

January 2001 - The psychology behind Plastic Surgery

*Listen to excerpts below.

March 1997 - Interviewed by the Harrow Observer

April - Brides are just spoilt for choice.

July - How to reduce stress during pregnancy.

June - How to conquer panic attacks.

March 1998 - Stress and how we can cope.

October - Growing interest in alternative therapy.

November - Relax your way to a stress-free Christmas.


1999 - Health Matters: Smoking & Breastfeeding.

- Health Matters: Alopecia.

- Health Matters: Energy levels & athletes’ feet.

- Health Matters: back pain; bedwetting; children; cystitis.


Black Entrepreneur Magazine Pride (now defunct) April 1998. Stress Management & Relaxation

2013 - Chat: It's Fate: Past Life Regression Therapist of the Month

2018: OM Times Media: How ritual helps our dialy lives


These excerpts on this page are portions of taped radio interviews on the subjects of

mental health and healing, including psychotherapy and counselling.



LBC Radio Excerpts


I appeared as a resident Counsellor on LBC radio for a year. See media excerpts

on the left and also in highlight on the Nine Peaches Therapies Instagram here.


Appearing as a guest on Podcasts

When time allows, I am happy to be a guest on podcasts as well as hosting my own.


I appeared on 'In Spirit with Ruthie Phillips' - click on media player above Ruthie's

picture below to listen.


Also on Katarina Miletic's podcast - YouTube link below.