Work with me to achieve your goals

Your well-being is paramount – to life, wholeness, and purpose.


Most people are sleepwalking through life. Ordering their usual morning latte, walking into their office, plonking down, back hunched over, and before you know it, they are putting on their coats and turning the key in the door at 7 pm. Where has the day gone?


World events have forced everyone to adjust to a new way of life. People have been turning to counselling more and may even feel forced to examine their life. In addition to that, some of you have bought the crystals and incense, done yoga online, changed your diet, listened to your affirmations, and you still feel miserable. Counselling and especially psychotherapy is intensive work. People often need to invest years of time and expenditure and can often have amazing results for healing. But it is no quick fix or cure.


Some of you have had a level of success, or are just surviving. Perhaps you have made some important decisons but in order to make the changes, you need a coach, a helping hand, accountability, someone who will be in it with you all the way to the goals' end. This is where I can help.


Alongside my counselling practice, I offer Life Coaching, althought I prefer to call it Goal-Coaching. It is not counselling. There is a difference.


What is Life/Goal Coaching?


Life Coaching can provide the support and tools you need to define a quality of life. Rather than intensely focusing on the past at length, you focus on exactly what you want and need right now, be it business support, motivation, personal support, or decision making.


A Life Coach should be a professionally trained specialist in helping to establish a working relationship managed by the coach in such a way as to help the client to improve one or many aspects of their life. I trained in life coaching through my hypnotherapy course and I knew then that I would be incorporating it into my private practice before I did my counselling course. A coach should help you to find your own way, look at the topic at hand, explore options, set a goal that is time-specific, and remain in reality. 


It is my belief through my coaching experience that as a coach, I help to turn over rocks, sometimes boulders, and look underneath. Overall, you cannot move out of your way the things you can’t see.


As your Coach, I help you to overcome the inertia that can be inherent at times in life. My role is to help you to reverse engineer dreams into lifetime experiences, self-sabotage, and doubt into self-expression and belief.


Life Coaching is not:

-       Counselling

-       Therapy

-       Mentoring


Life Coaching is:

-       Goal focused

-       Time driven

-       Top-down


The Approach options (Zoom/Teams/Telephone/WhatsApp)

I offer 3 plans based on the results of my 20+ years experience of coaching.

All project plans include access to workbooks (digital) and eBooks where available.


Payment plans are available for all options.


Approach 1 – Super-Duper Goal-Focused

3 Sessions (usually over one month)

-       Your outline will be sent to you once you sign up. Each session has a determined focus to keep you on track.

-       Each session is 1½ hour (90 mins) long.

-       Your self-investment - £390.


Approach 2 – Get started now!

6 Sessions over 3 months (every other week/fortnightly)

This would suit those with specific projects in mind.

-       Procrastination and inertia are tackled.

-       Energy healing work.

-       Shifting everything that is blocking you.

-       Making decisions.

-       Your self-investment - £780. 


Approach 3 – Intense Cracking things open with Accountability (ICA)

12 sessions over 6 months (the time absolutely flies by!!!)

This would suit someone where you have no choice now but to get it done.

-       Everything in ‘Get it started now’ but with life-changing extras.

-       1-1 goal-focused intensive work. We may have to meet up for some things (crowd fear, travelling on public transport etc.)

-       Asking yourself the tough questions.

-       Commitment.

-     **Many people like to continue the ICA or re-book this for new projects, but you already have the tools, so this may fit into mentoring (which I offer) and not life coaching.

-       Your self-investment - £1560. 


Ad-Hoc Sessions - 60 minutes as and when needed

Your self-investment - £175.


I hold a supportive sacred space for you to facilitate change. It is your time and your time only. Give yourself this time to make the necessary changes to your life that allows for flow and meaningful experiences.


The Coaching Approach is time focused. It has to be. It is not life therapy where it can be ongoing. The goal is to get you focused and achieve your result. That means you will have to get to work to achieve your goals and I give you what you need to do it. Once done, you're done. People have returned with new life goals months and years after achieving their goals as life changes and new goals emerge. But you will have the tools to apply to new goals from your inital course with me. Sometimes we need that extra support. I am also flexible so you may only need 1-2 sessions if you return with a new goal. We can work it out. 


Contact me using the form below for an initial consultation (free phone call). Or to discuss a custom coaching approach.

Coaching Approaches