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The Consultation
The initial consultation is 1 hour and a full case history is taken. We then discuss the therapies available and the best course of action in the way of moving forward. I will explain how the sessions work and go over clinic details regarding appointments & times specific to that clinic.

Session Time
All sessions are 50 minutes. Some Hypnotherapy sessions are 1 hour or 90 minutes. I will notify you when we are nearing the end. Future appointment dates can then be made. I am unable to extend the session time, as there is usually another appointment waiting.

The Stop Smoking session is 90 minutes and the Past Life Regression session lasts 2 hours.

Content of Sessions
Your presenting problems will be discussed with the goal to finding relief for the presenting issue. There may be specific areas that need working through on that particular day. Silences are common during sessions and are often necessary to allow information processing.

End of Session
Your session will begin to wind up at 45 minutes. Out of respect to the next client, it is not possible to extend the session time. As the session winds up, any homework is discussed. Whatever is being discussed at the sessions end can be continued at the next session if needed.

A. CDs may be recommended.
B. Leaflets/Handouts - Leaflets or other reading material can often be given out to read to enhance the healing process.
C. Books - Various books of relevant information may be recommended. All books recommended can be purchased at major book stores or borrowed from local libraries.

Ending Therapy
The important decision to begin therapy with me is just as important as the decision to take a break or to end. Jointly, we can decide the best way forward, which may involve taking a break for a few weeks or months or end completely. If you do wish to end therapy I would appreciate you telling me so we can negotiate how to work towards a therapeutic ending.

Payment in full is due on the day of the session and can be made by cash or card. (Special conditions apply to the Stop Smoking session).

A 48 hours notice is necessary if you must cancel a session. Failure to give sufficient notice will result in the full session fee due. An answering service is always available both at the Clinics and on my number.

The Session
The actual session time is your time in which we work on what you feel is of importance for that time. I do not have a set theme for the sessions, unless we agree upon a particular course of action. I work with you as we go along.

Content of the Session
What we do within the session depends very much upon what you choose to bring in that day. We may use visualisation, word association, metaphors, writing, or even regression. I have a number of approaches to several problems. We choose the most appropriate at that time. There may be times when you are silent, as you process information. It is both useful and necessary and not a waste of time, as some who begin therapy may think.  Try not to feel that you have to fill up every second with speaking. The mind can only assimilate a certain amount of information in a certain amount of time. Overload your brain with too much information too quickly and most of it gets lost or recedes into the background. I encourage people to take notes for themselves if they would like. Some people record their thoughts when they return home.

How I work
We all have our own way of doing things, especially our jobs. I have a way of administering therapeutic treatment, but it is unique only to me, simply because I bring myself into the room, as we all do. All of my experiences including life, work, education and personality all contribute to the way in which I work.

A good working relationship between you and me will ensure that the best treatment is given and will encourage receptivity to both progress and the continuation of therapy and resolution.

I provide a safe, comfortable and confidential environment in which to work. The clinics I work from offer all facilities with a waiting room.

Sessions run on time, as there is usually a client following you. I will usually notify you when we are coming up to finishing time. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we will have to end. It can always be picked up in the next session if required. Once you get used to the 50-minute session, you will find it becomes easier to gauge your own time.

All sessions are held in the strictest confidence. On occasion, I may use the information for a statistical reference in writing a clinical paper, or to take to my own supervision. I am bound by the ethics and conduct of the National Counselling Society and the General Hypnotherapy Register.

I attend regular supervision with a specially trained psychotherapist. Any discussion of cases are in strict confidence. If I feel that there is a serious cause for concern about your own safety or the safety of others, this is discussed with you first, and may be discussed in supervision. A decision is then made about the appropriate action. This is necessary as my supervisor and I would have to decide the best course of action, for both yourself and me and others involved.

Within the organisations I belong, a strict code of ethics and conduct apply. These can be viewed on their individual websites. (See Links)

Payment for Therapy
All therapists handle payments for therapy differently. Some offer concessions, discounts, and allow credit card payments. I accept direct deposit and monthly payments.

The fees are outlined for you before we begin our working relationship. My fees are reviewed periodically and I will notify you in advance of any increase, which will occur due to the overall costs of my practice, room rental and all else that is involved in running and providing a safe place in which to offer my services. This will involve a fee for late cancellation and not showing without notice. Understandably, someone else could have had that appointment time.

As with all services which require payment, a mutual respect is necessary for continuance of the relationship. Late payments will incur a late fee. 


A telephone consultation is mandatory before an appointment can be made. This is your initial consultation and this discussion will determine if this is the best course of action for your particular concerns and if I can be of help. If I am unable to help, for whatever reason, I may be able to refer you to a service or someone more suitable to treating your presenting problems.

If an appointment is made, you will be given all the relevant details for your consultation. At certain locations, a debit or credit card number may be taken to secure your appointment. Due to the scheduling of appointments, it is suggested that you keep your appointment time and date, although rescheduling is often possible. If you must cancel the appointment, a 48-hours notice must be given, in which case you will not be charged. If a 48-hours notice is not given, the full session fee will be charged.

Actual payment for the session is taken by direct deposit (for online therapy), Credit/Debit card at the clinics or cash.

Clinics are located in Southwest London. Home visits are not offered.

Appointments for International Clients:

The same appointment policy applies and payment methods apply to International clients as does UK clients.
- £ British Pound Sterling.
- € Euro is accepted. Please use a Currency Conversion calculator.
- Cheques are no longer accepted.

When making an appointment to see me in London, suggestions can be given for the nearest hotels and bed and breakfast to the individual clinics for your convenience.
It is suggested that you do not travel long distances before your appointment, just in case your flights are delayed, or you find yourself exhausted from your journey.

For WORKSHOPS, please note that advanced payments are due for International clients to secure your place.

To Book a Workshop or Seminar
1. Phone or email for an initial enquiry. (We endeavour to respond within 48-hours)
2. Always check the Events Page to see if places are still available. It will be indicated if the event is full.
3. For International Workshops, Talks and Events, please book early. Always speak with me before booking.
4. Although automatic payments have not been made available for Events on this website, in some instances they will be made available.
5. If you have booked a series of Workshops or have joined a Relaxation or Meditation class, please check all dates for verification.

For any further queries, please email me here.

FAQ's About Bookings

1. Who sees my initial enquiry if made via this website?
Julienne Pelletier is the bookings administrator and works approximately 3 days per week. James Williams who assists with Marketing and the website will sometimes help when Julienne is off. However, Julienne will usually ask for a phone number so that she can review the initial enquiry and then pass it on to me if suitable.

2. Why aren't Fees listed on the website?
Fees are not listed because the locations from which I work have different fee structures and the session fee can vary. Fees are reviewed periodically. All fee changes will be given 3 months in advance.

3 Can I pay in advance?
Yes, in fact a deposit is usually taken to secure your booking. As I have so few booking places available and sometimes a waiting list, it is important to give others a chance to have a booking if it is available. Cancellations without sufficient notification incur a fee, hence the deposit. Spaces may become available at short notice.

4. What if my flight was delayed?
For International bookings we will have gone over the special provisions. However you are still responsible for making your appointment on time. The session time starts at the time of the booking, not at the time you arrive. If special circumstances arise, we will try to re-book within the time frame you are in the UK or if I am in your country. But this is not always possible.

For Telephone, Email or SKYPE bookings, the same rules apply.

5. If I am late can I have extra time?
Unfortunately this is not possible as there will be other bookings scheduled. All sessions will be time-limited. Please see all of the above answers.

6. Can I double book, as I do when I see my GP?
This can be discussed with me at the time of your booking. I must speak with all clients before booking.

7. I emailed Julienne about my problems and she couldn't answer them. She didn't reply for 2 days. Why?
Due to confidentiality Julienne holds no clinical information and therefore does not discuss personal matters with enquirers. I am happy to speak with you personally to answer all queries. Julienne takes bookings and helps with some administration only, including the newsletter and events. She works part-time and has no set schedule. She does not live or work in London and therefore uses a trusted booking system to assist me with my bookings.
To navigate table, click within box and use mouse roller to go up or down within the box.
Please contact Bookings regarding all Fees.
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Phobias, performance, etc.
60 minutes though can be 90 depending on the nature of the session.
Please enquire
Motivational & Goal
Focused Hypnotherapy
These sessions are grouped in 5-10 Session Blocks & focus on achieving a particular goal within this period. See Treatments.
5 Sessions
10 Sessions
*Please enquire
Relaxation & Visualisation
60 minutes
Ongoing or as and when necessary;
for specific events
This session is 90 minutes, including a 30 min. consultation. Because of the time allotted, a deposit of £100 will be taken upon booking the session, with the balance paid at the session. See Start Now.
1 Session
Group Session:
*Please enquire
Counselling & Psychotherapy
Payment is made after each session, or you may be invoiced monthly in advance. All sessions are 50 mins.
*Please enquire
Life Coaching & Consulting
Life Coaching and consultations are in blocks of 5 sessions, either face to face, by telephone or by instant messaging. All sessions are payable in advance, and it is customary to book 5 sessions in advance, where an agreed session time and space will be booked for your place. Sessions are 50 minutes.
*Please enquire
Stress Management Seminars & Workshops
These workshops are designed to stress bust your way into a more productive working and personal life. Sessions are a full day, usually 10 am-4 pm.
Groups of 3
Any other group numbers-negotiable
Colour Therapy
60 minutes
*Please enquire
Corporate Coaching, Staff Counselling,
Sales Motivation
Individual, group and mentoring sessions held either at your company or at a chosen venue.
Please contact me for further details.
The following terms and conditions apply to all services rendered:

  • All fees are payable either in advance or upon rendering treatment. Late payments are subject to a 20% increase in fee.
  • Payments are accepted by cash in person, at the specified clinic with debit/credit card. (Some clinics do not accept cheques)
  • There are no refunds,

Sessions for Stop Smoking must be paid in advance. You can pay a deposit which is 50% of the session fee upon booking, or pay for the full session in advance.I no longer accept cheques.

Cancellations are subject to a 25% fee and will be deducted from the full refund. Please see all notes on consultations.

HOW TO MAKE A PAYMENT: (Please do not make payments before speaking with Sha)
Full details of how to make a payment will be issued once a session is booked.