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A UK Women's magazine           for Black Women
Past Life Exploration. Sha is featured in this article on Present Life Regression, taking one of the editors on an exploration of self-discovery.

Podcast with Australian spiritual healer Ruth Phillips. Sha and Ruth discuss their work, the holistic community and future events. To listen to podcast, see the link below. You can also hear this broadcast on iTunes.

ZEST MAGAZINE, “Stress and how to cope” June 2005

KILROY (BBC TV) - Spiritual Healing & Hypnotherapy, 2001

Harrow Observer Paper & Magazine- Q & A on Alternative Health, 2000

LBC RADIO (appearance as the show's resident Counsellor)
May 2000 - Rage
March - Obsessions with the body
March - Stress
December 2000 - The stress of commuting
February - Pregnancy and Age
December - Body Language
November - The Celebrity Mentality
November 2000 - Mens Roles vs. Womens Roles
January 2001 - The psychology behind Plastic Surgery
February 2003 - Belief systems
August 2006 -How to make choices
March 2007 - Why people find it hard to be kind
*Listen to excerpts below.

March 1997 - Interviewed by the Harrow Observer
April - Brides are just spoilt for choice
July - How to reduce stress during pregnancy
June - How to conquer panic attacks

March 1998 - Stress and how we can cope with it
October - Growing interest in alternative therapy
November - Relax your way to a stress-free Christmas

1999 - Health Matters: Smoking & Breastfeeding
- Health Matters: Alopecia
- Health Matters: Energy levels & athletes feet
- Health Matters: back pain; bedwetting; children; cystitis

PRIDE MAGAZINE, April 1998. Stress Management & Relaxation

Ruth Phillips, (pictured right) the noted and much in demand Healer uses her extrasensory gifts to connect with the Spirit world. Her many years of experience in the world of psycho-psychic phenomena using mediumship, clairvoyance, past life regression, spiritual healing, and Feng Shui (the ancient art of placement of space to achieve harmony) has made her one of the most sought after healers on several continents.

Recently, her work has included a feature in the TV series 'Sensing Murder', where the Australian and New Zealand police seek help in their endeavour to solve some of their most disturbing unsolved murder and deaths. This show was recently shown in the UK on Living TV. She has also appeared on Scream Test, and Australia's Rove Live, the Award winning weekly television talk show, and Foxtel's documentary Everyone's a Psychic. Ruth is also featured regularly in the Australian press and has a monthly Podcast called, In Spirit with Ruth Phillips. She continues to travel to see clients and to hold workshops in her home country, as well as New Zealand and the UK. She has made a lifetime dedication to helping to heal others through her service to spirit. She is a devoted wife, mother and friend. She is inspiring and uplifting, and she is immensely dedicated to those whom she calls friends. I am proud to be in that category.

Ruthie's website makes for interesting reading, and you can listen to past podcasts, as well as use the Runes for divination. To hear the full podcast for this broadcast, to go: www.ruthiephillips.com

*Ruth and I are planning to work together on a workshop sometime in the future. Please stay posted for further details in my NEWS section.
Photo: James Williams
Sha on 'In Spirit with Ruth Phillips'
The excerpts on this page are portions of taped radio interviews on the subjects of mental health and healing, including psychotherapy and counselling.

LBC Radio Excerpts
The excerpts below are a snipped of some radio show appearances. To listen click on the note next to the title. You will be taken to another page. It is helpful if you allow pop-ups (see the top of your screen), and have Quick Time. Click on the Download at the top of the screen, which takes less than a second. Play will start automatically. All broadcasts are courtesy of BBC London Live.

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Also regularly featured in:
Pregnancy & Age
Giving Birth Over 50
Plastic Surgery & Teens
What is the symbolic meaning of Nine Peaches Therapies?
Why 'Nine Peaches'?
For those who have shown an interest in the name of the website, the following is an explanation of the chosen name's origin.

The Number 9
The number 9 is the first composite number. There are 9 integers in a circle, which is whole, complete.
The Hebrew word for nine is 'v'Te tay-shah or (masc.)' tish-aw. It is derived from a word meaning, 'to look at' or 'to regard, gaze at or about'. Following through to the idea of a turn to the next or full number ten. Other significances are human conception (9 months), initiation, the Moon, completeness, and 9 lives.
The Peach
In Tao (pronounced 'Dow'), the Peach is a symbol of longevity. It holds many traditional references and was considered good medicine in Chinese culture. It is commonly associated with Springtime, the season of renewal, rebirth and blossom.
The Lotus
This unique flower (used in my website's logo graphic), or 'sea rose is often the symbol of openness. It can mean 'one after the other, symbolising succession. The lotus comes out of the mire, but is not itself soiled. It has no branches (no family or offspring) yet it is born. The graphic on this website depicts visually what the above meanings symbolise spiritually and metaphorically.

Nine Peaches Therapies combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, energy healing, stress management, dream analysis, psychotherapeutic analysis, life coaching, and spiritual development to treat the body, mind and spirit.

I work holistically and we look at your intention, what you intend to change. Change can then leave you feeling renewed, as you blossom and open into a new awareness, effecting one change after the next.
Peaches Bowl
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