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There are many viewpoints regarding the topic of past life regression and those viewpoints can be the topic of many lively discussions. It doesnt matter what your beliefs are around this therapy, it can help to eliminate and relieve many physical and emotional distresses.

The theories behind this therapy are: 1. That our souls reincarnate and move on to experience other lives; 2. That we are simply connecting with the collective unconscious, the Universe's memory store-house; 3. That we are using our ever accessible imagination to create a story or experience; and 4. That we are recalling without realising, something we have previously seen or heard, and adding our own scripts to a memory recall. These are theories of course.

Nevertheless, the information uncovered will always give many insights into the your current life circumstances.

Through the use of hypnotherapy, you are relaxed into a trance state (although other methods can be used). You are then guided through a visual or sensory journey to a past life. You may experience this as if you are an observer, watching from afar. Or you may be 'in the experience'. If a traumatic physical or emotional distress has occurred, it is often encouraged that you experience it as it is, so that it can be re-lived to be released.

Several sessions may be needed to fully move through this process with a cathartic release. However most people find that they can achieve this within 1 session.

Anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, phobias and even physical illness can be regressed back to a connection to a past life. You may have been a victim of injustice, or a cruel and angry person and you find that people walk all over you today.

On many occasions, people do recall very enjoyable past lives. Through this insight, people are often able to rekindle, reignite and restart different creative and mental endeavours that they had put into the background. Writers, artists, and many other creative people find that past life regression gives them a glimpse and an experience into another world, broadening their perspective of their lives in this world.

The important thing to know is that in order to experience a past life regression, your ability to achieve a sufficient trance state in hypnosis will be a key element. You must give yourself time to feel comfortable with the process itself, but also time to fully understand what you would like to achieve. Fear, interference, uncertainty, lack of knowledge, or not having trust in your therapist to help you with the process can and will hinder you achieving a successful past life regression session.

Further along the sessions are outlined for you to review. You will need several sessions before the regression for proper preparation.

**Please read the section on Hypnotherapy. As is the case with all hypno-therapuetic sessions, the more relaxed you are about your session, the more comfortable you will be to allow yourself the full experience.

If you have seen movies, read books or heard stories about other past lives, be sure to put that out of your mind before you attend a session. You do not need fantasy invading your thoughts and eventually sabotaging your session. Whilst this is extremely rare, I thought it important to mention. Your session and past lives are unique to you. They should not represent or be similar to anything else.


Present Life Regression works in a very similar way as Past Life regression. The same basics apply. The difference being the obvious one, in that we access your subconscious mind for this life's memory bank.

There have been times when during a regression session, someone has gone back to a past life. In this instance, we would move through the life and right back to where we need to be. I will state that this is indeed a rarity, as we always make clear our intention before the regression.

In addition to this, when this has happened, the past life has always been quite significant to our current intention of seeking information from this life.


We can progress forward, similar to what happens during Time Line Therapy, and other therapies that project forward. This can be helpful in seeing where perhaps the collective unconscious has already in mind a plan for you. Keeping in mind that we have all been given 'free will, this is a glimpse into your future. It can be extremely insightful, and we have evidence that in some cases, all of what has been seen does occur.

There is still speculation amongst some whether or not this is a psychic ability or if the person is using their subconscious mind. Some say they are one in the same. Nevertheless, you do not have to believe in future, present or past lives in order to reap the benefits of the therapeutic process.

A session of Past Life Regression lasts 2 hours. The process takes much more time than other sessions because of the recall of information, and the process of moving through all the information.

A session of Future and Present Life Regression is usually 90 minutes. However, some regression sessions are 60 minutes. This may depend on our previous sessions, and if we have done hypnotherapy before.

For Present & Future Life Regression:

We follow a similar guide as is outlined for past life regression, however there is rarely a 3 hour session. Sessions are usually 2 hours long.

PLEASE NOTE: In no way do I advocate Past Life Regression as a quick fix or alternative to helping with deeply rooted psychological problems. Behavioural problems like personality disorders, addictions, and other problems need long term counselling or psychotherapy to uncover the root of your behaviours.

Therefore, one session of past life therapy will usually not 'cure' or 'fix' you. However, you will be able to learn some information about your karmic progression and your soul's journey, which can help you in this life.

I would also point out that this is not a psychic reading. The process is a therapeutic one in which the goal is to begin the healing process. So whilst a session can help to see what may lie underneath a certain problem, it is in no way 'the answer' to all your problems.

If you are truly dedicated to making yourself 'whole', then you will be willing to dedicate the time, effort and resources to allow this growth to take place. You will not have developed these problems overnight, and it is unrealistic to expect these problems to be solved within one session. Be kind, patient and gentle with yourself.

NOTE: If you want the session taped, please discuss this with me before our appointment, as I do not always carry taping equipment.

If you have any further queries regarding these processes, please contact me at any time.
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